Monday, 20 October 2014


Some individuals say that garments don't make a difference . Anyway like many other human utilize, clothes are one all the more approach to show sentiments - what acculturates us.

In the Jewish group , when there is a deprivation , mirrors are secured and the relatives who are lamenting tear an unmistakable bit of garments , to demonstrate that around then the vanity was obfuscated by agony.

The colors of grieving change as per the conviction , however not bored . The body says something has changed .

Today we lost one of our group : the business visionary Antonio Betolucci was hit on the street Sumaré . That black-top, now secured in blood , undetectably united us ; I go there practically consistently on the best approach to work and cheerful social occasions with companions . The dark and red black-top today are the color of my disturb, displeasure and ire.

Consistently happen numerous dumb and unnecessary in São Paulo activity passings . All who leave home regularly , whether by walking, bicycle or auto , are survivors . The enormous contrast is that an expanding part needs to quit being piece of the issue and get to be arrangement , embracing a more tranquil , cordial and loaded with demeanor of appreciation for all living in intersection the street .

Gradually changing open arrangements to better the city and the all inclusive right to return alive surpasses the benefit of a couple to activity at fast , or without considering the adynamic of the imparted open space .

Today , we accumulated at the scene , 19h , to grieve the misfortune and addressing the absence of admiration forever that the city forces on its natives . Bring blooms , candles , blurbs. Simply don't be noiseless .